Honest Mistakes

by Hawaiian Shirt Day

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released May 29, 2013

Recorded by Alex Melton and Colin Morrell.
Mixed by Alex Melton

The Kevin - Vocals, Guitar
Chase McGuckin - Bass, Guitar
James Parsons - Tenor Sax, Vocals, Adorable
Colin Morrell - Drums, Guitar, Vocals



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Hawaiian Shirt Day Columbia, South Carolina

Handsome Pop Punk

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Track Name: Toby
I'm still waiting for this moment to pass, but it keeps coming back to haunt me and I keep letting it. Look back upon the days when we first met. This all seemed so innocent.
Track Name: Countdown
It's plain to see you think you've got the best of me, but I don't think you understand: I'll always be the one with the upper hand.

You've got me thinking too much about every move I make, but I've finally had enough. I'm not sure how much more I can take.

So back up or back off or get what's coming to you. There's a thin line between love and lust, and it's one I wish I never crossed.

I think you know what this is all about, so watch the clock cause your time is running out.

How dare you try to look so innocent? You must admit, it's kinda funny, isn't it? I tried so hard to make things right, but I feel nothing now. No, I feel nothing.

So count down and watch the clock tick.
Track Name: The America Room
I'm not a hometown hero. I'm a hometown bum. I can't focus on moving forward. I'm too busy looking back on where I came from.

I've been feeling lately like I haven't been myself. I'm stuck in a routine and I need something else, cause after 5 years' worth of student loans all I have to show is this: a modest paycheck, a tucked in polo and a mile-long to-do list. I fucking hate it.

I've spent my whole life searching for an easy way out. I finally realized that will never be an option. So I grit my teeth and just keep going. I'll grit my teeth and keep throwing myself at the door.

In the meantime, I'll forget about my problems. I'll drink 'til they're all gone, while I wait for Sunday afternoons when football games are on. I'll give thanks for the Food Network and for pretty girls. I'll give thanks for friends and singalongs and everything in the world that helps me remember: it's not so bad.

I've got a good thing going here. I'll keep it close and face my fears.
Track Name: You Seem Unhappy. I Like That.
Last night I drove across the state so I could take my best friend home. It beat reading your drunk texts the nights I passed out by my phone, cause I've heard every line of bullshit and not a kind word that was yours. But they probably left your mouth the time you threw up on my floor.

I'm getting lectures from my friend as we're both on the long drive home. He told me I should just move on, as if I don't already know. So I'll hold on to the lesson that my father always said. He told me "bitches all be trippin, James. Just keep your chin up, kid."

I fucking hate my thought process from a year ago. I was always down to chase you until my knees broke. But I'm so proud of all the ways that I have changed and grown. Now when you say "please come over" I say "I'd rather stay home."
Track Name: Heavy
These days it seems you treat everything like it's a tragedy. I'm trying hard and hopefully you won't drag me down, but there's no guarantee.

We've both got our problems baby. Yours are no worse than mine. We either have to solve them or forget about them in time. So if you ever feel like feeling sorry for yourself, sweetheart, just please remember it never helps and don't...

Deep down you know that's the way things go. So don't let them weigh heavy on your mind.

I have all the right words now, but I wanted to fight. You were upset; I made it worse and ruined your night. I would change what was said if I could, but it's too late. These worries should be lighter, but I keep adding weight.

Don't let them weigh heavy on your mind. Let them weigh heavy on mine. I'm strong enough for the both of us, and I will carry the burden if you just give me your trust.